Creating Demo Reseller AccountΒΆ

To understand and evaluate the interfaces and API we provide, you can use the Demo interface.

To create a fresh Demo Reseller account:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Reseller Sign Up Tab, and fill up the form, and follow the steps thereafter to set up your Reseller account (make sure you provide an accurate email address).
  3. Please wait for 24 hours for approval from our administrator. You will receive notifications email when your account activated.
  4. Login to your Demo Reseller Account from
  5. You might wish to start with checking the flexibility and features of the system by referring to the Reseller Account Startup Guide.


The demo account may not function at all times, since some beta testing is also done on the demo account. Also, the demo account is reset every day. All orders placed in the demo account would be automatically deleted every 24 hours.